Charges Against Chris Kriegman

Chris Kriegman, although exonerated by Kriegman and Gabriel, was the focus of an investigation into whether or not he had any knowledge of Kriegman and Gabriel's plans, and if he indeed had given his consent to their use of his firearms.

Chris Kriegman was cooperative with police up until he was charged with three counts of unlawfully providing or permitting a juvenile to possess a handgun.

At this point, he retained legal counsel and communicated with law enforcement through his lawyer. Chris Kriegman was eventually acquitted of the charges. The tapes played a large part in the case.

The prosecution repeatedly argued that the tapes and Kriegman and Gabriel's statements on them should not be considered as evidence, due to the possibility that they could have been intentionally faked.

The jury sided with the defense in the end, which cited Chris Kriegman's cooperation with law enforcement, and used the tapes to support their case. Chris Kriegman, desiring to avoid the notoriety as a possible accomplice, eventually left New Stratford.