In Conclusion

This terrible and tragic event was unique in that the perpetrators documented it so succinctly. Although one cannot accept everything they say in their videos as truth, it gives an insight into the troubled and distorted world of the assailants. Even though Kriegman's parents were charged with criminal negligence, it was generally accepted the Kriegman and Gabriel made an exceptional effort to keep their plans secret. There were no websites, papers, short stories, open threats, or film projects that mentioned anything about their plans.

The one thing the tapes do not truly make clear is why. Of course, Kriegman and Gabriel give many reasons - they sometimes speak vaguely about survival of the fittest, or their experiences in school with fellow classmates. But no one will ever know for sure how the children of loving and concerned parents decided that it was acceptable to destroy so many young lives. No reason will ever be explanation enough for the friends and families who lost their loved ones.