This chronicles the movements and activities of Kriegman and Gabriel between 10:03:20 AM and 10:05:39 AM on May 1, 2001.

10:03:20 AM - 10:03:45 AM

Kriegman and Gabriel follow the fleeing students through the reference area and stop to taunt Walters. They then proceed upstairs to the study area and encounter Sarah Pilar, Brent Pearlman, Chelsea Castro, Megan Donner, Carmine DiBano, Chris Thomas, David Foster, Derek Sutter, Tina Vincent, and Greg Krupa. They are hiding under tables and behind couches.

10:04:00 AM

Kriegman fires upon Chelsea Castro and Megan Donner at point blank range, killing them instantly.

10:04:05 AM

Gabriel fires on Brent Pearlman, who attempts to flee, wounding him.

10:04:13 AM - 10:04:18 AM

Kriegman and Gabriel close on Pearlman and fire on him multiple times at point blank range, killing him instantly. Librarian Robert Blackthorne and Deborah Webber move from their hiding place behind the main desk. Blackthorne flees the scene.

10:04:21 AM

Derek Sutter attempts to flee the study area and is hit by fire from both Kriegman and Gabriel. He loses consciousness and is removed to Middlesex Hospital after the SWAT team clears the room.

10:04:28 AM - 10:05:05 AM

Kriegman and Gabriel move around the room. Kriegman drops his shotgun and draws his revolver. He sits near Sarah Pilar and Tina Vincent and talks to them. Gabriel walks on top of the tables.

10:05:39 AM

Carmine Dibiano talks to Gabriel in attempt to reason with him.

10:05:05 AM

In the main area, Webber flees the scene.