This page chronicles the movements and activities of Kriegman and Gabriel between 10:06:25 AM and 10:12:25 AM on May 1, 2001.

10:06:25 AM

Gabriel fires upon Sarah Pilar and Tina Vincent; Pilar dies of her wounds before aid can arrive; Vincent is removed to New Britain General Hospital after the SWAT team clears the room. Dibiano is shot by Kriegman and dies of his wounds before aid can arrive.

10:06:40 AM

Gabriel drops his rifle and draws his automatic pistol.

10:06:52 AM - 10:07:06 AM

Kriegman and Gabriel encounter Greg Krupa and taunt him. Gabriel then shoots Krupa with his pistol. Krupa is killed instantly.

10:07:27 AM

Kriegman shoots Chris Thomas with his revolver. Thomas is killed instantly.

10:07:31 AM

David Foster flees the scene while Kriegman and Gabriel's' weapons are empty. He escapes uninjured.

10:07:45 AM - 10:08:11 AM

Kriegman and Gabriel retrieve their long arms and move back towards the main area. They encounter Walters on the way, who is now unconscious. Walters dies of his wounds before aid can arrive. Officers Leah Halstrom and Frank Vincenzi arrive on the scene. Officer Halstrom drives around to the west while Officer Vincenzi stays at the east entrance.

10:08:11 AM - 10:12:25 AM

Kriegman and Gabriel move out of the library and head towards the cafeteria. As the two gunman walk down the hall, their attention is drawn to the kitchen serving area, which joins the hall to the cafeteria. A group of 10 students are hiding in the kitchen and the serving area, out of sight from the door. Both Kriegman and Gabriel throw one lit pipe bomb each into the serving area and continue on towards the Cafeteria. The pipe bombs detonate while the some of the students in the serving area are trying to move into the rear of the kitchen. Lynn Knoblock, Christian Kluge, and Stanley Forster all suffer burns; one of the bombs bursts completely, hitting Kluge and Forster with shrapnel. The other pipe bomb does not splinter, but the force of the exploding gunpowder sends both end-caps in opposite directions at high velocity. Lynn Knoblock is hit with an end cap, and receives a broken shoulder. Naomi Kleber is hiding in a thick metal storage cabinet 3 feet from the pipe bomb that bursts; she receives no serious injuries.