This chronicles the movements and activities of Kriegman and Gabriel between 10:12:49 AM and 12:45:00 PM on May 1, 2001


Kriegman and Gabriel move to the east cafeteria where they attempt to ignite a homemade bomb. After a first failure, they destroy a cash register with second pipe bomb. Kriegman fires on a vending machine. This attracts Officer Halstrom's attention; she stops her cruiser, disembarks and tries to find the source of the fire. Gabriel spots her cruiser and fires six rounds towards Officer Halstrom's position. Three of these rounds hit Officer Halstrom's cruiser. Officer Halstrom returns fire through the window broken by Gabriel's fire. Kriegman and Gabriel move back into the hall, towards the library. They each fire on library computers in the west wing of the library.

10:12:49 AM

Kriegman and Gabriel return to the study area, where they observe the arrival of state police, county police, SWAT, and paramedic units.

10:13:15 AM

Kriegman points his empty revolver at his head and dry-fires it repeatedly.

10:14:30 AM

Two SWAT teams form up to enter the school. One team enters through the west entrance, the other moves to the main entrance on the east. The east team led by Sergeant Leonard Krantz, is directed to the study area by Foster.

10:16:27 AM

After a short discussion, Kriegman and Gabriel kneel down, point their weapons at their head, and fire. Both die instantly.

10:18:57 AM

Sergeant Krantz's team reaches the study area and find Sutter and Vincent. Even though it is not clear that Kriegman and Gabriel are the only assailants, elements of the state and county police evacuate Sutter and Vincent under cover of Sergeant Krantz's SWAT team.

10:20 AM - 11:45 AM

Sergeant Krantz's team resumes it sweep, and in conjunction with Sergeant Brian Lomax's team, clears the school with the exception of the east cafeteria, where an unexploded pipe bomb is found.

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

The county bomb squad neutralizes the pipe bomb.